Leandro Rodriguez, CFO at Albano Cozzuol, gave his testimony about the SAP implementation project

Albano Cozzuol is a company specialized in the manufacture of plastic parts and components in Argentina and one of the leaders in its segment in the Mercosur. It is made up of a group of several companies and has more than 70 years of experience in Argentina. In addition, it has its administrative headquarters in La Plata and several plants in the province of Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.

Leandro Rodriguez, CFO at Albano Cozzuol, and who led the technological implementation, gave his testimony to Infotechnology: “the problem we faced in 2018 was the requirement to prepare our systems so that they could support, as required, the demands of integration with the processes of the increasingly demanding automotive industry in several areas: among them quality, control and manufacturing in tight timeframes, following the vehicle production curves”. Specifically, in the short term, they had to integrate and consolidate, in an appropriate way, the information of many processes.

Albano Cozzuol

For this reason, the company chose SAP and Process Technologies to migrate in one year its three old ERPs to a unified solution such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud. In addition, it decided to carry out the implementation of other SAP cloud solutions for talent management and salary settlement implemented in its 6 companies, 12 logistics centers and 80 warehouses.

“In 2018 we made the decision to update and unify the management of the company in an efficient way and we also sought to be able to access all the information of the operation (from administration to production and maintenance) all in an integrated, updated and fast way, even online” commented Leandro Rodriguez, CFO at Albano Cozzuol and who led the technological implementation.

We thank the entire Albano Cozzuol and Process Technologies team who made the project a success!