Process Technologies, a pioneer in the development of Business Intelligence in Argentina, offers the most qualified professional team which leads the most ambitious projects in the world of analytics solutions.

One look and an all in answer

Build attractive experiences

  • Deliver attractive information to the users when they need it.
  • KPI and summary data monitoring.
  • Users personalized experience and quickly cover their need for information.

Discover. Predict. Create

  • Discover areas to optimize the business.
  • Adapt the information to the business’ need.
  • Tell stories with pretty visualizations.

Distribute information

  • Distribute the information in a safe way.
  • Answer questions such as predefined reports.
  • Generate reports for operational efficiency.

Our conception of Business Intelligence solutions focuses on:

  • Decrease IT department workload generating autonomy in the areas which generate information.


  • Choice of the most suitable technology according to the particularities of each business.


  • User experience. Getting reports, dashboard, applications and easy access to reports in real time and on any device.


  • Graphic interface which allows an optimal interpretation of data and communication of ideas (Collaborative use).


  • Study of multiple sources of structured (management systems, sales, polls, etc.) and unstructured (social networks, information from second hand sources) information.


  • Reduction of costs and complexity of the use of the tools.


  • Democratic use. A custom made project for every business, regardless of their size or area of activity.

Why a BI solution?

times that high performance companies use analytics
Rise in the productivity of BI tools
High performance companies which use BI to boost value
more operating margin due to significant use of BI.

Companies with the maximum use of BI reach an operating margin higher than average in their industry.

Predictive Analysis – Datamining

Get the answers to the biggest business questions. Stay one step ahead and make your information a competitive advantage!
Which customers are prone to stop buying? Can I prevent frauds? What products should I combine so that the outcome of a promotion is more successful? Which are the most valuable customers to my company? Is it possible to get more precise budgets and projections?

The ability to anticipate changes or react to events in real time defines what it means to be an agile and adaptable organization. Predictive analysis allows businesses to make the most of their data.

Better commercial performance in the future

Better use of the current data

Better understanding of business dynamics.

BI cloud | Analytics for the entire business with the comfort of the cloud

Our simplified approach to access the information provides your company with the strategic information it needs, whether at the meeting room or in front of the customer. User-centered design provides a new experience with incorporated social collaboration which empowers you to anticipate and answer to the business opportunities with no delay. Better access, more security, no need of expensive self infrastructure.

Learn more about our Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s solution.

Why BI Cloud for an analytical solution?

All the analysis. All the users. One data source.

Reasons that drive businesses to choose solutions in the cloud.

Agility 56%
Costs 14%
Innovation 13%
Quality 10%
Other 7%
Financial 5%

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