Pablo Ray (General Manager) shared how was the experience of implementing Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s, what challenges they had to face and how they solved them working together with Process Technologies.

“Our goal was to enhance financial analysis, as previously we were downloading the necessary data and mixing it together. After the development and implementation of the team formed by Gustavo Cloquell (CIO), Cecilia Rigo and Adrián Shoijet (SAP Consultants), together with the partner Process Technologies, we have the necessary information quickly, in real time and integrated in one platform”.

Black Bamboo Enterprises is a company in the meat processing industry with more than 50 years in the market, positioning itself as one of the leaders in the industry. The organization is committed to the production, marketing and distribution of quality, safe and legal food. Its high sanitary standard allows it for export to the countries with the highest sanitary requirements.


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