The company of Grupo GIRE S.A. is the only company in the sector that uses cloud solutions, artificial intelligence, internet of things and analytical tools to make the operation more efficient and have real-time information on the fleet of trucks and business.

DUCIT S.A., a GIRE Group company that began operating this month, chose SAP solutions to be, from the start, a highly efficient and disruptive company in the securities transport market.

GIRE is a company with 28 years of experience in the intelligent information processing market and in the development of collection and payment solutions for companies of all sizes, sectors and industries, which Rapipago manages. This is a network of extra bank collections with a presence throughout the country, with which they handle large volumes of cash and consequent logistical expenses.

Therefore, with DUCIT S.A. The aim was to set up a logistics company to integrate the processes of flow transport and securities management to empower the companies of the GIRE Group, in an unprecedented way in the country. The objective of this integral logistics model is to achieve operational efficiency and have information on operations in real time, in all instances, from the pickup of remittances, the receipt of tickets at the processing plant for counting and subsequent delivery. In this way it is possible to have more control and better decision making.

One of the platforms chosen is based on the cloud and, through sensors, allows to collect, store, analyze and process data in real time of its fleet of armored trucks, equipped with modern technology and maximum security. The data is integrated with S/4HANA on Cloud, the intelligent ERP platform and SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud, which feed the decision boards in real time, as well as with other company solutions. The implementations were made with the business partners Seidor and Process Technologies.

“We chose SAP because it gives us greater integration of our entire value chain and allows us to control the entire production process: we are the only transporter in the world that operates in this way,” says Christian Giménez Dall’O, Business Unit Manager at DUCIT SA.

“In our area there are many sensitive elements that need to be tracked and sensorization helps us to take care of people and operate with greater security. SAP allows us to integrate and have information in real time and that the place of destination knows what is going to get to prepare to receive it. We are excited to see the quality of the data we are providing for the users of water trucks, “he concludes. In principle, the company that already has 70 employees and will reach 200 in the coming months, will provide its services to the Rapipago premises of CABA and Greater Buenos Aires.

“Smart companies are the ones that understand how to capitalize the volume of data transforming it into valuable information. DUCIT S.A. it is a clear example of how you can take advantage of the latest technologies, such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and integrated into our platforms and solutions to achieve agility, focus and high impact visibility for the business, “says Leandro Estanga, SAP COO Southern region.


Source: SAP