Oscar Sobrero (Information Technology and Organization Leader of Ecogas) shared how the experience of implementing SAP IS-U on HANA was, what challenges they had to face and how they solved them by working together with Process Technologies.

Thanks to the implementation of SAP IS-U, the SAP solution for the Utilities industry, Ecogas improved the speed and response times to process the millions of daily measurements. The platform is oriented to the mangement of commercial functions such as meter reading and data management, scheduling, billing, accounting, customer service and integration with customer relationship management.

By implementing SAP IS-U on HANA, it was achieved:

  • More flexibility when defining pricing and billing rules
  • Increase billing speed to more than one million customers.
  • Integrate the operation with the SAP ERP, automating the company’s accounting.
  • Be better prepared for new types of digital meters based on IoT.
  • Have the same quality of information at a lower investment cost.
  • Make a modernization of applications and systems.

Ecogas, made up of the companies Distribuidora de Gas del Centro S.A. and Distribuidora de Gas Cuyana S.A., carries out the public service of natural gas distribution in the provinces of Córdoba, Mendoza, Catamarca, San Juan, La Rioja and San Luis.


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