Attention Team Leaders!

If you are a leader, you probably want a team where work flows smoothly, you probably want to manage resources well, and you probably want current and future projects to be managed efficiently! Process Technologies brings that vision to you with a complete solution that boosts productivity and simplifies workflows 

With you can:

Assign tasks and set clear deadlines for each team member

With this platform, you can create individual cards for each task or activity within your projects. You can then assign those cards to specific team members, giving them direct responsibility for completing those tasks. In addition, you can set clear and visible due dates on each card to ensure that everyone is aware of deadlines and commitments. In addition to this, also allows you to set priorities, add comments and relevant attachments to each card, which facilitates communication and collaboration between team members. All of this contributes to efficient time and resource management, helping to keep everyone in the team on the same page and ensuring that deadlines are met. 

Visualize your projects on an intuitive dashboard 

Thanks to its highly visual and customizable interface. With, you can create dashboards that perfectly suit your needs and work style. You can organize your projects into columns and rows, add cards to represent specific tasks or items, assign colors, labels and statuses for better organization, and see at a glance the status of each project. This intuitive visualization capability makes it easy to understand the current status of your projects and allows you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Automate repetitive tasks and save time for strategic activities simplifies the automation of repetitive tasks through automation rules and predefined workflows, allowing you to set up automatic actions in response to specific triggers and effortlessly standardize processes. In addition, its integration with other tools allows you to synchronize data and execute actions across platforms, while its outofthe-box templates streamline the start of new projects by providing predesigned automated workflows.

In summary, is a project management tool that stands out for its highly visual and customizable interface, which facilitates the organization and understanding of the current status of projects. It allows you to assign tasks, set clear deadlines and assign responsibilities to specific team members, promoting efficient time and resource management. It also offers the ability to track project progress in real time, make informed decisions and automate repetitive tasks, saving time for strategic activities