Albano Cozzuol continues to bet on the path to becoming an intelligent enterprise!

On Thursday, June 22nd, Albano Cozzuol, SAP, and Process Technologies were part of an exclusive networking event where specialists presented market trends and discussed the main challenges of the industry.

Albano Cozzuol, a company belonging to the most important Plastic and Metallurgical industry in Mercosur and winner of the ASUG award for innovation in SAP Projects 2022, continues to embrace digital transformation, and we are committed to achieving it together.

About the ASUG Award-winning case for Innovation in SAP Projects

Albano Cozzuol is a specialized company in the manufacturing of plastic parts and components in Argentina, and one of the leading companies in its segment in Mercosur. It is composed of a group of several entities and has over 70 years of experience in Argentina. Additionally, it has its administrative headquarters in La Plata and several plants in the province of Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.

The company faced the challenge of replacing its inflexible system and integrating everything into a single, powerful tool with future prospects. By implementing  SAP S/4HANA CloudSAP SuccessFactors and SAP Analytics Cloud in its 6 entities, 12 logistics centers, and 80 warehouses, the company embarked on its journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise alongside Process Technologies and SAP.

Leandro Rodriguez, CFO at Albano Cozzuol, and the leader of the technological implementation, shared his testimony with Infotechnology: “The problem we faced in 2018 was the requirement to prepare our systems in a way that could support, in the required manner, the integration demands of the increasingly demanding automotive industry in various aspects, including quality, control, and manufacturing within tight timelines, following the vehicle production curves.” Specifically, in the short term, they needed to integrate and properly consolidate the information from many processes.

The successful case was presented alongside 20 other projects, and for the second consecutive year, Process Technologies was recognized as the winner of the ASUG award for innovation in SAP Projects 2022.

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