THESE ARE THE NEW FEATURES OF MONDAY.COM! is a highly flexible platform that adapts to the changing needs of businesses. This is because the platform is constantly updated with new features and functionalities, allowing companies to stay ahead of the latest trends in work management, ensuring they are using the best tool for their team processes.

Discover the new platform features that will help boost your team’s effectiveness:

New custom templates: Templates that are automatically synced with your account have been added. Once the template is added, a board will be created so that all your information remains synchronized and organized.

Email tracking in monday CRM: When you include a link within the personalized email, you’ll be able to track exactly when and how often the interaction was made with it.

Dynamic texts: Save time and effort by adding dynamic texts to your work documents located on your boards. You can easily add values such as item names, numerical columns, or status labels.

Get ready to evolve your way of working with and Process Technologies.