, a customizable work operating system (Work OS), and Process Technologies, a business consulting company with more than 30 years of experience, announced today a partnership to boost the productivity of work teams in companies throughout Latin America. is a customizable work operating system, where teams and organizations of all sizes and industries can create workflow applications to plan, execute and track their processes, projects and operations. creates endless possibilities for organizations to break down and rebuild any work process to fit a specific need, creating greater efficiency through task automation and more time to focus on important and creative work.

Nowadays, remote work has become the new reality for companies around the world. The platform effectively facilitates this transition by providing tools needed to collaborate, monitor results and get an overview of projects and processes, all while adapting to the unique needs of each company.

Process Technologies recognizes the challenges companies face due to the global pandemic,” said Damian Benghiat (Director of Process Technologies). “Companies need an efficient remote work environment, productive and that speed up work processes of each area.”
“Our partnership with Process Technologies is an important milestone in’s presence in Latin America. Through this partnership, our goal is to better align with our customer´s needs and provide customized solutions so that teams can focus on making an impact, solve problems faster, adapt instantly and continuously improve, especially in the new reality of remote work,” said Gustavo Noguera (Channel Partner Manager LATAM at “We are excited to work with a partner like Process Technologies that allows us implement the platform and support our local customers ”.