As a SAP support channel, Process Technologies must accompany its customers in the SAP licensing audit process.


In recent years, this process was becoming more relevant and taking greater rigidity from the SAP audit team, according to the guidelines dictated by the parent company. For this reason, we consider it of great importance to strengthen the communication to our clients about the information on which the SAP Audit team is based to analyze the evaluations made to our clients.

For more information, you can access the following links:

– SAP System Audit Guide (Valid since August 2015): about-sap-system-measurement / documentation / sap-system-measurement-guide.pdf 

The main focus of analysis is addressing the use of developer users in general, and test users in the production environment (pages 24, 30 and 35 of the aforementioned document).

-Portal support to access information relevant to the measurement of the system:


It is important to notice that the license audit conducted by SAP in 2019 did not have indirect access analysis within its scope. “Use” of SAP software is understood as the activation of the software’s processing capabilities, loading, executing, accessing, using the Software or displaying the information resulting from those capabilities. Use may occur through an interface delivered with or as part of the Software, a Licensee or third party interface, or other intermediary system. All use of SAP software must be properly licensed.


Finally, we remind you that the Digital Access Adoption Program is effective from May 6, 2019 for a period of one year and was designed to allow customers to assess whether the SAP Digital Access licensing model is Appropriate for your needs. This program includes attractive price incentives to facilitate the transition if the client decides to move to SAP Digital Access.


Digital Access is the most efficient and secure solution to license indirect access to SAP.


In order for customers to take advantage of the program, it is mandatory to first complete a measurement to identify the number of Documents created by the current use. If you think you may be incurring this type of access, please contact us at the email to coordinate an evaluation of your system.


We are available for you together to find a way to optimize your licensing and avoid unnecessary excessive use.