SAP Qualified Solutions

Packaged solutions, developed by Process Technologies and qualified by SAP, offer growing companies a path to success. Grow your business, empower your people and improve processes with low risk and fast time to value. These tools combine SAP solutions with our expertise, services and customizations.

SAP Qualified Packaged Solution

If you are already working with SAP management software, with the accelerators you will be able to access fast implementation solutions with the following features:

  • Predefined scope
  • Reduced implementation time
  • Fixed cost
Process Analytics Cloud para CFO's

Process Analytics Cloud for CFO's

Process Analytics Cloud for CFO’s is a solution that allows you to optimize financial management, analyze cash flow and avoid breaks in the payment chain. Developed under the best practices of financial management, it allows you to analyze key indicators in any company such as liquidity, growth and profitability, make projections, discover hidden patterns and share reports with members of your team.

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Process Intelligent Agro

Process Intelligent Agro is the solution designed to operationally manage the stages of the agricultural cycle for different farms, lots or crops. It will allow you to identify who is responsible for each activity, monitoring the degree of progress of the stages, knowing the use of internal and external resources assigned, accessing purchase reports to know the status of each of the resources requested.

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Conversion to SAP S/4HANA

Process Conversion Factory

Process Conversion Factory is the solution that guarantees the conversion from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA quickly and securely. You will be able to access the latest generation software, turning your company into an intelligent enterprise without the need to incur the time and costs that a re-implementation demands. In addition, Process Conversion Factory includes analytical reports for CFO’s to analyze the main indicators of any company such as cash flow, liquidity, growth and profitability.

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Process Intelligent Supplier Interaction

Process Intelligent Supplier Interaction is a portal based on SAP Digital Supplier Network that completely eliminates calls to and from suppliers, digitizing all interactions and significantly increasing productivity and efficiency. Some typical interactions are: sending and receiving the Purchase Order, invoice upload by the supplier (tax tracing is included), and payment release.

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Solución para Ventas

Process Analytics Cloud for Sales

Process Analytics Cloud for Sales is the solution oriented to help the Sales Manager in the analysis of the main indicators of the sales area. It will allow you to quickly and graphically analyze key indicators such as sales by product, region or salesperson, the factors that most influence profit and the most profitable customers. In addition, you will be able to make comparisons with previous periods or with the planned objectives, as well as to propose different scenarios to analyze the impact on profits.

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