THESE ARE THE NEW FEATURES OF MONDAY.COM! is also a very flexible platform, adapting to the changing needs of companies. This is because the platform is constantly updated with new features and functionality, allowing companies to stay ahead of the latest trends in work management, ensuring they are using the best tool for their teams' processes.
Know the new features of this platform:

Unified automations and integrations center: Automations and integrations have been rolled into one unified location to make it even easier to power up your work. Create your own custom automations, find a recipe that works for you, and now see available app integrations, too. 

“When a sub-item is created” automation trigger: When creating a custom automation, you can now select the “when a sub-item is created” trigger. 

mobile app redesign: the mobile app Just got a fresh new look. With the sleek, updated app, it’s easier than ever to knock out work while on the go. 

monday workdocs improvements: You can now mention and link to other docs within Just type a forward slash and search ‘doc’ to find the workdoc you’re looking to link to.

Get ready to evolve your way of working with and Process Technologies.